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China Widely Used Shaft Pto for Tractors Ratchet Torque Limiter slip clutch pto shaft

Solution Description

Commonly Utilised shaft pto for tractors ratchet torque limiter
one. Tubes or Pipes
We have already obtained Triangular profile tube and Lemon profile tube for all the series we give.
And we have some star tube, splined tube and other profile tubes needed by our buyers (for a specific collection). (Remember to recognize that our catalog doesnt contain all the objects we create)
If you want tubes other than triangular or lemon, you should provide drawings or images.

two.Conclude yokes
We have got many types of swift release yokes and plain bore yoke. I will recommend the typical sort for your reference.
You can also send out drawings or photographs to us if you are not able to discover your item in our catalog.

3. Security products or clutches
I will connect the specifics of basic safety products for your reference. We have already have Free wheel (RA), Ratchet torque limiter(SA), Shear bolt torque limiter(SB), 3types of friction torque limiter (FF,FFS,FCS) and overrunning couplers(adapters) (FAS).

4.For any other far more particular requirements with plastic guard, relationship method, coloration of portray, package deal, and so on., make sure you really feel free of charge to permit me know.

one. We have been specialised in planning, production generate shaft, steering coupler shaft, common joints, which have exported to the Usa, Europe, Australia and so forth for years 
2. Application to all varieties of general mechanical situation 
3. Our merchandise are of high depth and rigidity. 
4. Heat resistant & Acid resistant 
five. OEM orders are welcomed

Our manufacturing facility is a top producer of PTO shaft yoke and universal joint.

We manufacture substantial quality PTO yokes for numerous automobiles, design machinery and products. All merchandise are constructed with rotating lighter.

We are at the moment exporting our products all through the entire world, particularly to North The united states, South America, Europe, and Russia. If you are interested in any item, you should do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking CZPT to turning out to be your suppliers in the near long term.


/ Piece
100 Pieces

(Min. Order)


Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

To be negotiated|

Freight Cost Calculator


Type: Fork
Usage: Agricultural Products Processing, Farmland Infrastructure, Tillage, Harvester, Planting and Fertilization, Grain Threshing, Cleaning and Drying
Material: Carbon Steel




/ Piece
100 Pieces

(Min. Order)


Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

To be negotiated|

Freight Cost Calculator


Type: Fork
Usage: Agricultural Products Processing, Farmland Infrastructure, Tillage, Harvester, Planting and Fertilization, Grain Threshing, Cleaning and Drying
Material: Carbon Steel




Power Take-Off (PTO) Shafts

Power take-off (PTO) shafts are used on many types of machines, including jet aircraft. They are typically semi-permanently mounted to a marine or industrial engine, and are powered by a drive shaft. The drive shaft also powers secondary implements and accessories. Depending on the application, accessory drives may also be used in aircraft. There are four main types of PTO units used in jet aircraft.

Power take-off (PTO) shaft

Shaft CollarThe power take-off (PTO) shaft of a tractor can be controlled to operate in one of two modes: automatic and manual. Automatic mode operates when the PTO shaft starts turning and is automatically engaged when the power lift is raised by actuating the lift lever 9. Manual mode operates when the lift lever is not raised.
The manual mode allows for manual adjustments. A retaining band 12 may be adjusted arcuately about PTO shaft S with an axial center parallel to the axis of the PTO shaft S. The retaining band may be secured by conventional over center clamps. The retaining band 12 may also be adjusted arcuately about pin or bolt 30.
Power take-off (PTO) shaft safety retainers are used to prevent unintended disconnection of the PTO shaft. The safety retainers comprise a stationary openable band that circumscribes the PTO shaft near the connection with driven machinery. The band is preferably offset from the axis of the PTO shaft.
While the PTO shaft is a convenient way to transfer mechanical power to farm implements, there are several inherent hazards associated with using it improperly. Accidental disconnections of the PTO shaft pose a significant risk for the operator. A disconnect can cause the PTO shaft to whip around the driven machinery, potentially causing injury.
Power take-off shaft entanglements can be devastating to the limbs trapped in them, requiring amputation in some cases. In addition to being dangerous, the PTO shafts must be fully guarded to prevent contact with the ground. A farmer must never get too close to an operating PTO shaft to protect their own safety.


There are several different types of PTO shafts available to suit various applications. They can vary in size and number of splines. Each standard has a specific speed range and is designed to fit a variety of implements. For example, there are German and Italian types of PTO shafts.
The type of PTO shaft you choose will determine the maximum load that can be safely transferred. Depending on the type, the rate at which the PTO clutch engages will be different. For example, a lower-density PTO shaft will engage at a slower rate than a higher-density PTO shaft, while a higher-density shaft will be more tolerant of higher loads.
The primary function of a PTO shaft is to secure equipment to the tractor or other agricultural equipment. These parts often feature safety shields on both ends. They are also made in the same shape as the secondary shaft. The front shaft is wider than the secondary shaft, which allows the secondary shaft to fit inside. However, during movement, pieces of the PTO shaft can collapse, making them less safe.
PTO shafts are expensive and easy to steal, so make sure to protect your investment. Make sure the PTO shaft has guards to protect it from thieves. There are two types of PTO shafts: the external and the internal PTO yokes. Internal PTO shafts have an internal PTO yoke, while external PTO shafts use a universal joint. There is also a safety chain and shield on the external PTO shaft.
Depending on the application, you can choose between several different kinds of PTO shafts. Some types of PTO shafts have multiple splines, which can increase the torque transmitted. For applications requiring accuracy and precision, you may want to use a parallel keyed shaft.


Shaft CollarA PTO shaft has two parts: an input and an output. The input portion of a PTO adapter shaft has a smaller diameter, and the output portion has a larger diameter. Both are connected by splines. These splines have tapered outer ends. The first bore 25 has a first frustoconical wall, while the second bore has a second frustoconical wall.
One of the most common causes of PTO shaft failure is a poorly adjusted clutch. Another common cause is improper lubrication of the PTO shaft’s wide angle joints. PTO shafts should be lubricated at least once every eight hours. If you fail to do this, you risk premature ware and reduced life expectancy.
When a PTO shaft is installed in a tractor, the tractor must be connected to the implement using a coupler frame. The coupler frame has a PTO adapter mounting flange that engages with the PTO stub shaft. The coupler frame can move to accommodate the PTO adapter shaft, and the PTO adapter shaft can pivot and slide with the coupler frame.
When a PTO shaft fails, it can result in damage to the tractor and implement. Identifying the cause will help you fix the problem. Constant compression of the PTO shaft can damage the connecting shafts and connections. This could damage the tractor or implement, resulting in expensive repairs. When this happens, it is important to cut or shorten the shaft to reduce the risk of damage.
PTO shaft 24 extends rearward from tractor 10 and is connected to the front universal joint 28 and first end of variable-length splined drive shaft 32. The shaft is connected to a drive mechanism 36 on a mobile work implement 34. This drive mechanism may be mechanical, hydraulic, or a combination of both.


It is very important for every person using a tractor to understand the safety of PTO shafts. PTOs can be extremely dangerous, and without the correct shielding, they can cause serious injury. It can also be very dangerous if someone accidentally steps on or falls on one while the machine is operating. This is why it is important for everyone using a tractor to read the manufacturer’s manual and follow the safety guidelines for PTO shafts. Moreover, PTOs must only be used for the purpose intended.
PTO safety should be the number one priority for every operator. A small child was tragically killed when he became entangled with a spinning PTO shaft. His father tried to pull him out of the shaft, but was unable to do so. His clothing, which was near the spinning shaft, caught on the PTO and dragged him into it. His body was thrown around the shaft several times, and he sustained injuries to his leg, right arm, and head.
The PTO shaft is an important part of a tractor, and is used to secure the equipment. It is usually secured by safety shields on both ends. There are several kinds of safety shields. One type is a shield that is attached to the front of the PTO shaft. Another type is a shield that rotates freely on its bearings.
Power takeoffs are common on most small and compact tractors, construction machinery, and other equipment. They rotate to provide the drive for the equipment. However, the PTO shaft is very dangerous because it can easily catch something that gets too close to it. Moreover, loose items can also get tangled around the PTO shaft.


Shaft CollarOne of the most important things to do in order to keep your PTO shaft in top condition is to keep it properly greased. This can be done by using a grease gun or a hand pump. It is important to keep the grease fresh and apply it in the appropriate amounts depending on how much you use the PTO. It is also important to separate the primary and secondary shafts and remove any debris from them.
It is also important to check the spline threads on your PTO on a periodic basis. This is important because some signs of dry shafts are not always immediately apparent. Similarly, spline threading and corrosion can occur behind the scenes and go undetected. Proper PTO maintenance is a vital part of safe and efficient operation.
A damaged or worn drive shaft will prevent your car from turning freely, leaving you exposed to higher repair bills. In addition, it will drastically affect the performance of your car. A broken drive shaft can even result in a crash. You should take your vehicle to a mechanic as soon as you notice any of these problems.
Fortunately, most PTO-driven equipment is equipped with a shear pin to prevent collisions and prevent damage to the gearbox and shaft. It should also be replaced regularly to prevent excessive wear. Long bolts pose a risk of entanglement and can easily catch clothing or gloves. For safety reasons, it is important to disengage the PTO when not in use.
Another thing to do is to keep the PTO shields clean. They must be regularly rotated and tested. Always ensure that your drawbar is properly configured for your machine. This prevents stressing or separating the driveline.
China Widely Used Shaft Pto for Tractors Ratchet Torque Limiter     slip clutch pto shaftChina Widely Used Shaft Pto for Tractors Ratchet Torque Limiter     slip clutch pto shaft
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China Replace Parker 8-Bolt Pto, With Gear Drive Shaft Caterpillar Eaton Fuller American Trucks Chelsea 489 Bz2000 Power Take-Off slip clutch pto shaft

Sort: Transmission Assembly
Dimensions: Dependent on model
Product Variety: E442/E489/E2000
Truck Model: American Sort dump truck
Force: energy take-offs
Content: Forged Iron
Characteristic: High Efficiency & Lower sound
Warranty: 12 Months
Gasoline: oil
Gear Ratio: twenty five/34 19/24 22/24…
Packaging Details: Every piece wrapped in a poly bag, Foam box, sturdy carton and plywood pallet.
Port: ZheJiang /HangZhou/HangZhou/HangZhou/HangZhou

E442/E489/E2000 PTOsE442 appropriate for 6-Bolt transmission, can change CZPT 442, Muncie TG6, Higher-Speed 7.5Kw 48N.m 220v AC Servo Motor and motor drive for textile machine matched cnc controller BZ1000 seriesE489/E2000 suited for 8-Bolt transmission, can change CZPT 489, Muncie TG8, BZ2000 seriesEternal Hydraulic Electrical power Take-offs have large torque score and lengthy provider existence, commonly used in American type dumptrucks, Very best Quality CZPT gearbox ISO Link Solid Iron Entire body Electrical power Get-off (PTO) For Wide Selection of Truck Brand names like Peterbilt, Kenworth,Paccar, Freightliner, Worldwide, Well-liked Sale Push Shaft Yoke for Agricultural Machine Tractor Components Weststar, Sterling…We also supply PTO air change and C101/C102/G101/G102 collection equipment pump

a line drive shaft
China Replace Parker 8-Bolt Pto, With Gear Drive Shaft Caterpillar Eaton Fuller American Trucks Chelsea 489 Bz2000 Power Take-Off     slip clutch pto shaftChina Replace Parker 8-Bolt Pto, With Gear Drive Shaft Caterpillar Eaton Fuller American Trucks Chelsea 489 Bz2000 Power Take-Off     slip clutch pto shaft
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China PTO Shaft Fits John Deere Bush Hog Rotary Cutter Ser 5 Slip Clutch Driveline tractor parts pto shaft bolt

Problem: New
Warranty: 1.5 several years
Relevant Industries: Farms, Retail
Excess weight (KG): 5 KG
Showroom Spot: United States, Russia, Japan
Online video outgoing-inspection: Provided
Equipment Take a look at Report: Offered
Advertising and marketing Variety: New Solution 2571
Kind: Shafts
Use: Tractors
Port: HangZhou/HangZhou/ZheJiang /HangZhou

We can design and style and make machines in accordance to your demands Products Description

Cross journal(mm) 22*54, 23.8*sixty one.3, 27*70, 27*74.6, thirty.2*eighty, 30.2*92, thirty.2*106.5, 35*94, 35*106.5 etc
Sort of tube Triangular tube, Lemon tube, star tube
Type of yoke 1 3/8” Z6, 1 3/4” Z6, 1 3/8” Maker 57mm gearbox 12v 24v 36v 48v 50w 95w 120w 150 watt 20nm 30nm one hundred rpm brushless dc planetary gear motor with driver Z21 1 3/4” Z 20
Kind of Clutch Wide angle joint, Shear Bolt Torque Limiter, Friction Torque Limiter,
Color of surface Yellow or Black Portray
Angle of universal joint <=25°
Bundle Steel shelf or single CTN
Certificate CE
Lanuage of Manual English, any other lanuage as you call for
Other dvantage Rilsan coating as demand
1. Various Series for several various use. 2. You can choose the Tube, CrossJournal, Defend and Yoke according to your demands. 1. 1. Product Quantity/Cross Sequence: T01,T02,T03,T04,T05,T06,T07,T08 and some unique cross Journal 2. Dimension/Size: Bare minimum all round length: 600-1800mm or 27″-60″ 3. Doing work Situation: For Tractors, CNC Swiss machining service Brass stainless steel substance OEM drawing mechanical crank shaft collar shafts pin Trucks and Agricultural Use 4. Defend Colour: Yellow or black. 5. Substance: Steel and Plastic 6. Tube: Triangular, Lemon, Star and Splined 7. Tractor facet yoke: 6 or 21 splined thrust pin yoke 8. Apply aspect yoke: 6 splined thrust pin shear bolt kind yoke 9. Packing: Common export ten. Certificate: CE and ISO9001 eleven. Place of Origin: HangZhou ZHangZhoug solution picture Organization Profile Exhibition Solution packaging Certifications FAQ Q1:Supply time and cargoA1:The shipping time is 45 times. The stocked merchandise can be delivered within 7 operating days. Q2:How is the bundle? A2:We can supply our branded package deal. We have a expert packaging design department that can design and style your own model bundle in accordance to your requirements. Consideration the copy model is forbidden. Q3: What is your payment conditions? A3:Intercontinental standard payment phrases , this kind of as T/T ,Western Union ,Funds Gram ,Paypal ,L/C ,D/P. Q3: What is your supply time ? The products which are in inventory in 7-fifteen doing work days , if not, inside thirty working times. Q4: What is your minimum purchase quantity? A4:Flexible to set up , any amount for every item can be discussed . Q5. What is your phrases of supply? EXW, FOB, CNF, CIF are offered for equally of us . Q5: Can i get 1 of your items for Sample?A5:Sure,we can offer you sample as the bulk merchandise price tag ,and will ship you BY DHL,FEDEX according to your demands, Customization cnc machining 38 Bore Stainless Metal Shaft Collar Established or locate the cheapest Forwards for you. Q6: No matter whether to provide custom-made solutions A6: indeed,kindly provide me your drawings or samples for our analsis.

drive shaft carrier bearing
China PTO Shaft Fits John Deere Bush Hog Rotary Cutter Ser 5 Slip Clutch Driveline tractor parts     pto shaft boltChina PTO Shaft Fits John Deere Bush Hog Rotary Cutter Ser 5 Slip Clutch Driveline tractor parts     pto shaft bolt
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China PTO pump hydraulic for trucks Planer shaft Drive shaft slip clutch pto shaft

Situation: New
Guarantee: 6 Months
Applicable Industries: Constructing Material Outlets, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Mend Outlets, Farms, Retail, Construction works , Power & Mining
Showroom Area: None
Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
Machinery Examination Report: Provided
Marketing Type: Regular Solution
Sort: Shafts
Use: Tractors
Agriculture Shaft: Tractor Shaft
PTO Drive Shaft: John Deere Spare Pats
push shaft for brush cutter: transmission shaft
planer shaft: worm shaft
pto pump hydraulic for trucks: Hino PTO
Following Warranty Services: On the web support
Neighborhood Service Location: None
Packaging Specifics: Cartons or pallets
Port: ZheJiang or HangZhou Port

PTO pump hydraulic for vehicles Planer Shaft Generate shaft for brush cutter PTO push shaft for distinct manufacturers of agriculture equipment, such as tractor Johndeer, circumstance, ZW9012 24V 150W Brushless DC gear box motors for Wheelchair and newholland

PTO Shaft Type: T 7N
1. U-Joint Size: 35*94
2. Joint Basic: Interior 4007N001 / Outer 4007N002
3. Splined york: 101G7N138
4. Tube york: Inner 102T7N245 / Outer 103T7N254
5. Tube: Interior 301T455 / 301T544
6. Running Torque:
540 tr./min: 55 kw, seventy five pk, 970 Nm
1000 tr./min: 87 kw, 118 pk, 830 Nm
7. Materials: 20Cr or 20CrMnTi
Floor Hardness: fifty eight-64HRC
Main hardness:20Cr: 25-45HRC / 20CrMiTi: 33-48HRC

Packaging & Transport
Packaging Specifics: Cartons or pallets
Shipping and delivery Detail: forty five-50days

Device PTO shaft
1) MOQ:50 sets
2) CE Certification
3) Advanced gear

Our Solutions
one) Competitive price and great quality
two) Employed for transmission techniques.
3) Outstanding performance, extended utilizing existence
four) Can build according to your drawings or samples
five) Following the customers’ requirements or as our common packing
six) Manufacturer identify: ZJWC or we can make in accordance to each customer’s need.
7) Flexible minimal buy amount
8) Sample can be supplied

For more info about us, contact us proper absent.
We will do our best to fulfill your requrement of the product and give the most perfected soon after-revenue solutions for you.

Truly feel totally free to just take a closer look close to our internet pages, and if you have intrigued in, Chinese skilled supplier PMSM motor for electrical cars 5kw 10kw 30kw Industrial application Synchronous motor please enquiry to us your favored objects.welcome you connect with us or come to our manufacturing facility to make get with sample for the very good develepment of our distribution.

Firm Info
We are factories specialized in manufacturing Tractor PTO Shaft, PTO Spare Elements with virtually 20 several years. Our guide manufacturing amount is much more than 6000,000,000 sets. ISO9001 & CE are our top quality certifications.

Industry and Trade Integration
With CE certificate
Distinct Types of U-Joint utilized in the PTO Shaft
Cast yoke
Use for 15-120HP
Multitooth spline. Technical specs from the 1 3 / 8 “Z6, 1 1 / 8” Z6, 1 3 / 4 “Z6, 1 3 / 8” Z20, 1 1 / 8 “Z20, 7P138-63310 CZPT KRL160 KRM180D RX220 rotary tiller CZPT spare areas PTO U-JONIT SHAFT for sale 1 3 / 4″ Z20, 1 3 / 8 “Z21 , 1 1 / 8 “Z21, 1 3 / 4” Z21, and so forth., total specifications are welcome.

FAQFor a lot more data about us, get in touch with us proper absent.
We will do our ideal to satisfy your requrement of the merchandise and supply the most perfected soon after-sales providers for you.

Come to feel free to take a nearer seem about our internet pages, and if you have interested in, please enquiry to us your favourite things.welcome you link with us or appear to our manufacturing facility to make get with sample for the excellent develepment of our distribution.

China PTO pump hydraulic for trucks Planer shaft Drive shaft     slip clutch pto shaftChina PTO pump hydraulic for trucks Planer shaft Drive shaft     slip clutch pto shaft
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Best shop made in China – replacement parts – PTO shaft manufacturer & factory Small pto shaft with slip clutch Horsepower Most Price Advantage Tractor with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Group the largest agricultural gearbox and pto factory in China with 5 various branches. For far more information: Mobile/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

Best  shop  made in China - replacement parts - PTO shaft manufacturer & factory Small  pto shaft with slip clutch Horsepower Most Price Advantage Tractor  with ce certificate top quality low price

modest pto push shafts We white 2-105 pto shaft removal warmly 2005 chevy silverado rear push shaft welcome a single piece driveshaft the pto shaft uk buddies pto shaft spring pin from pto shaft series discussed all 2003 dodge ram 1500 drive shaft the pto shaft northern tool world! e90 entrance travel shaft EPG significant production is of farming fifteen-five hundred horsepower tractor supporting equipment, mechanical cultivation, harvesting machinery and add-ons.

Sturdy High Quality Substantial Horse-Power Tractor


Cost-effective and successful

Equipped famous brand engine. Torque reserve is large. The electrical power is more stronger,  gas consumption is far more reduced.

18F+6R change with resonable distributing, can adapt to numerous operations with more efficient functioning and far better fuel economic climate.

Adopt 17-inch strengthened imported diaphragm one-acting clutch a lot more versatile operating and larger dependability

Italy CARRARO front push axle has a higher reliability

Adopt American Peel bearing. It has stronger anti-exhaustion and much better quality steadiness.

Optional Trelleborg radial tires, with selection of entrance and rear double whee EPT or one wheels, large performance and lower fuel usage.

Protected and secure, dependable
The gearbox characteristics a strengthened housing, synchronizer, shuttle shift, and full helical equipment drive for a lot more flexible, lightweight and trustworthy procedure.

4-wheel drive, PTO, differential lock, etc. use soaked clutch and electro-hydraulic management, which is mild and easy to work.

Hydraulic method has independent oil offer, clutch hydraulic aid, mild and versatile operation, high reliability.

The electric powered control hydraulic lifting technique is convenient and fast to operated, and can realize functions this sort of as lifting, plow top adjustment, running force  adjustment, lifting velocity adjustment, computerized reading through and choose lifting failure and transportation manner handle

Strengthened generate transmission and towing, trustworthy overall performance and higher dependability.

Comfy and secure, driving easier 

Technical Parameters:

Electrical power: 40hp, 4wd, New boost chassis
Engine: 4-cylinder, h2o cooled, four-stroke motor
Transmission box: 8F+2R EPT transmission box, Single-phase clutch  
Transmission method: Equipment transmission
PTO shaft: Rear-position, dual-pace PTO (540/720r/min), 6-teeth spline
Tread 1.2m, Hydraulic steering, Luxurious seat
Upkeep-cost-free battery, Rear-mounted a few level suspension
Tire: entrance 5.50-sixteen(2WD), 6.00-sixteen(Four wheel drive), Rear 9.50-24
Streamline motor cover. 



one.Are you a manufacture or investing firm? 
We are a skilled producer and we can provide tractors from 25Hp-220Hp and implements. .
two.what is your MOQ?
1 device.
3.How about the spare areas?
We can offer totally free toolbox and easy broken components.
4.Exactly where is the loading port?
HangZhou port, or to meet up with client’s requirement.
five.How prolonged is the lead time?
Generally 15-twenty five times. Depands on the quantity of your get.
6.How lengthy is the guarantee time?
eighteen months following the items delivery to location port.
seven.what is actually your payment phrases?
Usually we use T/T We also settle for other payment conditions, this sort of as Western Union, PayPal and L/C.
8.what is the tractor optional parts?
Can be equipped with ROPS, Canopy, Fan cabin, Heater cabin, AC cabin, Air Brakes, Hydraulic valve out, Paddy tire, Turf tire or as per your demands.
9.Can we use our personal brand or design and style?
Of course.OEM is welcome any time. We can also supply total tractor model style.
ten. Can be utilised for which implements?
Loader, Backhoe, Harrow, Mower, Plough, Planter, Trailer, Slasher, Snow blower or as for each your needs.


Pre-income service 
one. 24 several hours on-line. Anything will be rapidly replied. 
two. Skillfully and humanization modern design and style.
3. Welcome to checking out our manufacturing unit, merchandise and design heart. 

Selling service 
1.Test and examine every single tractor meticulously and severely. 
2. Send the tractor photographs of your order ahead of packing for your confirmation
three. Right after loaded we will send you the transportation data and arrival time. Finally, ship all original files to you by Specific or Cellular: +86~13083988828ex launch. 

Soon after-revenue service 
1. 24 hrs on the web to solve any issue. 
two. English handbook, Spare elements catalogue and technical assistance. 
3. Totally free education for how to set up the device and servicing.


Best  shop  made in China - replacement parts - PTO shaft manufacturer & factory Small  pto shaft with slip clutch Horsepower Most Price Advantage Tractor  with ce certificate top quality low price